SS Name plate of graveyard

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What is the advantage of using a graveyard name plate?

Personal Identification: It provides a clear and permanent identification of the deceased, allowing family and friends to easily locate and visit the grave.

Historical Record: It serves as a historical record, preserving the names, birth, and death dates of individuals for future generations.

Tribute: It acts as a tribute to the deceased, offering a way to honor and remember them customizable with inscriptions, epitaphs, and symbols that reflect the personality, achievements, or beliefs of the deceased.

Cemetery Organization: This helps in organizing the cemetery, making it easier for visitors and maintenance staff to navigate and manage the space.

Legal and Administrative:
Legal Requirement: In many places, having a grave marker is a legal requirement to document burial sites.

Administrative Ease: Assists cemetery administrators in maintaining accurate records and ensuring proper care and management of the site.

Cultural and religious significance:
Rituals and Traditions: Many cultures and religions have specific rituals and traditions associated with grave markers, making them an essential part of the burial process.

Symbolism: They can carry significant cultural or religious symbols, providing comfort and solace to the bereaved.

Legacy: It helps preserve the legacy and memory of individuals, contributing to the collective history of a community.

Durability: Modern materials and engraving techniques ensure that the information remains legible for many years, even centuries.

Emotional Comfort:
Closure and Healing: Provides a focal point for grief and remembrance, offering a place for the living to come to terms with their loss and find solace.

Which types of nameplates are we making for the graveyard?

  1. SS Name Plate
  2. Acrylic Name Plate
  3. LED Name Plate
  4. Neon Name Plate
  5. Headstone name plate
    • Upright Headstones
    • Flat Headstones
  6. Slant Headstones name plate
    • Bevel Markers
    • Bevel Headstones
    • Bronze Memorial Plaques
    • Monuments and Obelisks
  7. Full Grave Covers name plate
  8. Memorial Garden Stones

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Contact: 01844542499