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ISHATECH Advertising Limited was established in 2005 as part of international communication in Bangladesh. The complete sign service is available all over Bangladesh. View our sign gallery on Facebook for more inspiration. ISHATECH ADVERTISING LTD., THE LEADING SIGNAGE COMPANY IN BANGLADESH. For more information ABOUT US, visit our website or call 01844-542499. IshaTech Advertising is your great industry for advertising and communication. IshaTech Advertising Agency has qualities that are all high for commercial companies. We take orders for all kinds of events and companies advertising. Delivered a great opportunity. Please send your inquiry and questions to our email, or, or call +8801844-542499 anytime and anywhere. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


IshaTech Advertising Limited in Bangladesh is one of the most trusted companies for any type of advertising.

  • Perfect Planning With Clear Work Map
  • Understanding Client requirements
  • Project Budget-Related Discussion
  • Experts Understand Project efficiency
  • The work process must adhere to a timetable.
  • Expert Designers Design All Project
  • 100% Quality Insure.
  • Project Complete in Time Frame
  • Collect Our Client satisfaction
  • Payment Related clear Discussion
  • Project After Maintain Services
  • Maintain Business Relationship
  • Your Future of Advertising IshaTech
  • IshaTech The Best ad Agency in Bangladesh
  • The Best Quality Manufacturer Advertising
  • Trust Company IshaTech Advertising


Our mission is to produce and provide quality & innovative printings for clients, maintain stringently ethical standards in business operation also ensuring benefit to the employees and society at large.


We IshaTech Advertising Limited business as a means to the material and social wellbeing of the owners, employees, and the society at large, leading to accretion of wealth through financial and moral gains as a part of the process of human civilization.


Our slogan is “Your Future of Advertising”.


Advertising Branding:

All Kind of Digital Print Pana, PVC, 3D Sticker, Shop Sign, None-lit Sign Board, To-Let Sign Board, Rent Sign Board, Profile Lighting Sign Board, Bell Sign Board, Stand Sign Board, Round Signboard, Normal Sign Board, Backlit Signboard, CNC Acrylic Laser Cutting Letter, 3D Acrylic Signage, cnc acrylic letter, Jali Cutting Acrylic Letter, Backlit Letter Signage, Tri Vision Sign, Name Plate, Lighting Sign Board, Tryvision Lighting Sign Sign Board & Billboard, LED Sign, Neon Sign, Road Sign, Open Neon Sign, Box Type Letter Neon Sign, M.S Box Type Letter Neon Sign Outdoor, M.S Step Lubber Neon Sign, Uni-Pole Bill Board Neon & Neon Led, Neon Signage, Neon Letter, Neon Signboard & Neon Led Lighting, Trivision Billboard, Acrylic Sign, Tri Vision Signboard, Moving Display, Billboard, Project Wall Boundary, Apartment Wall Boundary, Restaurant Wall Print, Outdoor and Indoor Wall Boundary, Radio Ad, Newspaper Ad, TV Ad, Social Marketing, Fair Stall & Event Management Ad Etc. Hope You’re Interest!

Name Plate Manufacturer:

Project Nameplate, Reception Nameplate, Doctor’s Nameplate, House Nameplate, Land Sale/Rent Nameplate, Company Logo & Name Sign, Glass Nameplate, Hospital Nameplate, Personal Nameplate, Office Name Plate, Indoor Name Plate Sign, Wall Nameplate, Desk Name Plate, LED Lighting Name Plate, None-Lit Nameplate, UV Print Name Plate, Acp Off Cut Board Name Plate, Door Name Plate, Shop Nameplate, Acp board SS Nameplate, Tempered glass Name Plate, Acp off cut Nameplate, House Number, Name Plate Acrylic Top Letter Nameplate, etc.

LED Sign Moving Display:

LED Moving Display Outdoor Signs & Indoor Signs P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, P10, L.E.D Sign, LED Moving Sign, LED Letter Outdoor Sign & Indoor Sign & Branding, LED 3D Sign, RGB Color Led Moving Display, One Color & Seven Color Led Moving Display, LED Message Display and Making/ Rent Advertising LED Moving Display.

Open Neon Sign & Neon LED Light:

Neon Sign Board & Neon Billboard Sign with Neon Light Branding Neon Sign Board & Billboard Making Rent Ad Advertising Branding, Neon Sign Billboard, Open Neon Sign, Box Type Letter Neon Sign, M.S Box Type Letter Neon Sign Outdoor, M.S Step Lubber Neon Sign, Uni-Pole Bill Board Neon & Neon Led, Neon Signage, Neon Letter, Neon Signboard & Neon Led Lighting, etc. 


Billboard Making/Rent Advertising:

Holding Billboard, Vertical Billboard, Uni-Pole Billboard, Project Billboard, Uni-Pole Bill Board Neon & Neon Led, Wall Billboard, Structure Billboard, Wall Advertising Painting, Building Advertising Painting, Neon Sign Billboard, Roadside Billboard, None-lit Billboard, Acrylic Letter Signage Billboard, Steel Billboard, Step Billboard, LED Billboard Road side, Pana Billboard, PVC Billboard Road side, Rent or making or Full setup whole Bd.

Digital Printing & Press:

Auto Reverse Solvent RGB Color Pana Print, Manual Reverse Solvent RGB Color Pana Print, Eco-Solvent One Side Pana Print, Eco White PVC Print, Eco Blackout PVC Print, Solvent Black & White PVC Print, Inkjet Sticker RGB Color Print, Inkjet Sticker RGB Color Print Matte & Glossy Lamination with pasting, Eco Vinyl Sticker RGB Color Print, Solvent Vinyl Sticker RGB Color Print, Gift Item Print, T-shirt Print, Vinyl Sticker Print Matte & Glossy Lamination with pasting,

Digital Sticker Print:

Frosted Sticker Print, Matte Color Sticker Print, Clear Sticker Print, Reflective Sticker Print, One-way-vision Sticker Print, Clear Sticker Print, 3D Sticker Print, Sticker Eco & Solvent Print with pasting, Vinyl Cutting Sticker Any Color, Laser Cut Sticker Any Color, ticker Print.

X Stand Banner:

Heat Print, UV-Print, Laser Print, Photo Print, Brochure Print, Leaflet Print, Catalogue Print, Leaflet Design, Brochure Design, Catalogue Design, Logo Design, Gift Item, X-Banner, X-Stand, Pop-up Stand, Roman Stand, Eye-Stand, X- Banner, Pop-up Banner, Roman Digital Banner, Backdrop Digital banner, Eye- Banner, Cloth Banner.

Festoon Banner:

Cloth Festoon, Screen Banner, Roman Banner, Backdrop Banner, Screen Print, PVC Pipe Guilty Festoon, Wood Festoon, Screen festoon, Hand Writing, Car Branding, Showroom Branding, Product Branding, Office Branding.

Backlit Signage Advertising:

Backlit Advertising, Aerial Advertisement, Professional Logo Designing Service, Dynamic Logo Designing Service, Flash Logo Design Services, Label Design Service, 3D Logo Design, Logo Animation, 2D Logo Design, Logo Vectorize, Brand Promotion, Product Promotion, Online Brand Promotion Services, Movie Promotion Services, Land Promotion Services, Video Promotion Services, Market Promotion Service, Online Brand Building Services, Branding Design Services, Brand Management Service, Online Brand Promotion Services, Brand Activation Service, Brand Designing Services, Brand Positioning Services, Brand Marketing Services, Brand Merchandising Services, Digital Branding Service, Brand Naming Service, Identity Branding Services, Brand Creation Services, Brand Protection Services, Brand Reputation Management Services, Brand Valuation Services, Brand Support Service, Brand Enhancement Service,

Project Wall Boundary Fancy:

Project Boundary/Fancy Pasting, Project Apartment Wall Boundary Printing, 3D Wall Printing, Roadside Project Boundary Wall, Acrylic Letter Project Boundary wall Fancy, Lighting Project Boundary, M/S, Acp Board, Aluminium Boundary Wall writing Rent or making and Project Fence Boundary Wall, Apartment Fence Boundary Wall, Led Lighting Wall, Indoor Boundary Wall, Outdoor Boundary Wall, Advertising Fence Wall, Branding Fence Wall, None Lighting Fence Boundary Wall, Restaurants Fence Boundary Wall, 3D Sticker Pasting Fence Boundary Wall, Printing Fence Boundary Wall, Wall Writing Art Fence Wall, Hand Writing Fence Boundary Wall, Building Wall Printing, Building Wall Branding, Market Wall Branding, Office Wall Branding, Marketing Wall Branding, Restaurants Wall Branding, Restaurants Wall Indoor & Outdoor Branding With Any Sticker Print Pasting Branding or Full setup whole Bangladesh, Minimum Quantity 100+ square feet or Pieces.

Office Corporate Gift Items:

Corporate Gift item Or Official Gift item, Money bag (Official Company logo & Design), Keyring (Official Company logo & Design), Card Holder (Official Company logo & Design), Pen: (Official Company logo & Design), Mug: (Official Company logo & Design), Leaflet (Official Company logo & Design), Neon Sign (Official Company logo & Design) & Gift Box Pen, Hand clock Corporate Gift item, Wall Clock, Pen, Money Bag, Key Ring, Leather Goods, Cap, Polo T-shirt, Mug, Crest, Umbrella, Corporate Gift Box, ID Card Belt, Executive Bag, Leather Bag, Boishakh Gift Box, Ramadan Gift Box, Company Anniversary gift.

The primary offset printing operation of the company is to provide:

Company pad    Money receipt    Business Card   Boucher   Broacher print    Poster print   Leaflet print.

Outdoor Signage Advertisements:

Brand Promotion Mobile vans advertisement service Neon sign advertising Digital advertising services Newspaper classified advertisement Radio jingles service Auto rickshaw advertising services Paper advertisement Advertising hoarding painting service Traffic booth advertising Outdoor LED Screen Advertising.

Indoor Signage Advertisements:

As considered one of Bangladesh’s greatest signal makers, we can provide you with Architectural signs, company signs, workplace signs, Indoor signs and symptoms, outdoor signs, shop signs, commercial signs, and Retail signs, and many others. We make all kinds of exclusive Signage on our own. Advertisements (hoardings, signboards & signage, banners, lift, and escalator branding units, wall graphics, direction signs, booth design for exhibitions, display racks, trade shows & events, and point-of-purchase communication material) Outdoor Advertising Newspaper Advertisement Service Media Advertising.

Outdoor Advertising Service:

Brand Promotion, Mobile vans advertisement service, Neon sign advertising, Digital advertising services, Newspaper Advertisement Service, Media Advertising, Hoarding Advertisement Service, PR Agencies Hoarding Service ,Online Advertising, Print Media Service, Newspaper Publicity, Magazine Advertisement, Retail Branding Services, Production Service, Media Planning Service, Brand Identity Design Service, Broadcast Solutions, Media Buying Service, Bulk Voice Call Service, Vehicle Branding, In-shop Branding Solutions, Video Marketing Services, Commercial Advertisement Service, Media Relations Service, Auto Rickshaw Branding Service, Media Consultants, Automotive Advertising Agency, Public Awareness, Billboard Advertising, Campaign Management Service, Corporate Retail Branding Services, Corporate Communications, Brand Identity Development Services, Corporate Branding Design, Media Management, Balloon Advertisement Services, Outdoor Publicity, Movie Ticket Booking, Wall Painting Advertising, Classified Ads Services, Store Branding, Media Communication Services, Mobile Advertising Solutions, Ad Copywriting Service, Press Conference Organizing Service, Display Hoardings Service, Mobile Van Branding Services, Sign Installation, Kiosk Advertising, Outdoor Media Solution, Outdoor Banner Services, Press Release Submission Services, Advertising Movie, Newspaper Inserting Services, Corporate Shop Branding, Advertisement Booking Agents, Online Advertising Designing, Tricycle Advertising, Press Conferences Management Service, Experiential Marketing Services, Online Press Releases, Interactive Marketing Solutions, OOH Services, Strategic Public Relation, Brand Identity, Management Service, Advertisement Publishing Services, Mobile Strategy Consulting, Direct Mailers Service, Journal Subscription Services, Online Media Planning, Industrial Relations Services, Image Consulting Services, Online Public Relations, Publicity Designing Service, Media Design Service, Metro Advertising Service, Mall Branding Services, Employer Branding Services, Online Media Buying, Media Partnership Service, Advertising Management Services, Image Management Service, Press Release, Distribution Service, Response Management Service, Public Affairs Services, Promotion Management Services, Government Relations Services, Recruitment Advertising Service, Leaflet Distribution Services, Point-of-Purchase Design, Newspaper Ad designing Services, Sky Dancer, Loyalty Card Solutions, Rich Media Services, Wall Branding Service, Interactive Advertising, Crisis Communication Service, Online Classified Advertisements, Campaign Planning, Marketing Campaigns Services, Liaison Consulting Service, Classified Submission Services, Digital OOH Services, Hoarding Installation, Outdoor Media Planning Services, Cable Advertising, Media Support Services, Display Marketing Service, Lobbying Services, Political Consultancy Service, Directory Listing Services, Financial Communication Services, Account Planning Services, Interactive Product Demonstration, Press Release Dissemination Services, Print Communication Service, Advertising Copywriting Services, Media Budgeting, Media Coordination Services, Outdoor Media Management, Giant Balloon, Financial Advertising Service, Advertising Analytics, Strategic Counsel Service, Media Conversion Service, Advertising Service, TV Advertisements Services, Banner Advertisement Services, Radio Advertising.

Indoor Advertising Service:

Digital Advertising Services, Paper Advertisement, Mobile Vans Advertisement Services, Social Media Advertising Services, Auto Rickshaw Advertising Services, Ad Campaigns, Bus Ads, Display Advertisement, Corporate Advertising Service, Print Ads Services, BTL Activities Service, Cinema Hall Advertising Services, Press Advertising, Bus Shelter Advertisement, Advertising Consultancy Services, Railway Advertising, Radio Jingles Service, Newspaper Classified Advertisement, Mall Advertisement Services, Display Banner Advertisement, Video Advertising Service, Airport Advertising Services, Transit Advertising, Uni-pole Advertising Service, Bus Back Panel Advertising, Matrimonial Advertising Services, Taxicab Advertising, Roadshow Advertising Services, Advertising Hoarding Painting Service, Neon Sign Advertising Services, Multiplex Advertising Services, Mobile Billboard Advertising, Audio Visual Advertising Service, Rural Advertising Service, Wall Scrape Advertising Service, Inflatable Advertising, Advertising Communications Services, Advertising Programs Service.

Digital Marketing Solution:

Google AD, YouTube AD, Face book AD, SEO, Alexa Ranking Generate & More TV Advertisement Bangladesh all Channel Radio Advertisement Bangladesh all News Paper What’s up, Viber, Imo, What’s call, FB messenger, Duo, Hangout, We Chat Police booth, Advertising service, Morich Bati Lighting service.

Fair Stall Service:

Banijjo mela stall, Dhaka International Trade Fair, Bookfair, Ekushey Book Fair Paragraph, essay on book fair, Bangladesh International Garment & Textile Fair, Textile Trade Fairs & Exhibitions in Bangladesh, the trade fair in Bangladesh Any Fair Stall, Fair Stall Making,  creative exhibition stall design, innovative exhibition stall design, Exhibition stall design, business exhibition stall design, one side open exhibition stall design, simple stall design, exhibition stalls on rent Fair Stall Branding,international exhibition stall design ideas, exhibition stall design ideas

Floor Marking  Service:

Floor Marking Tape, Printable Floor Marking Tape, Best floor marking tape, 3m floor marking tape, Floor Marking Tape & Floor Printing,5S floor Marking tape color standards, Tree marking Tape, heavy-duty floor marking tape, Industrial floor marking Tape, Permanent floor Marking Tape, Floor Printing, Warehouse floor marking, Foor marking tape, Floor marking, Heavy duty floor marking tape, Osha floor marking guide,5s floor marking, Floor marking guidelines, Floor marking tape lowes, Floor marking tape home depot, Warehouse floor marking tape, Factory floor marking standards,
Warehouse floor marking paint, Floor marking paint, Yellow floor marking tape, Gym floor marking tape, Floor marking tape dispenser,5s floor marking tape color standards, Vinyl floor marking tape, Mighty line floor marking tape, Adhesive floor marking tape Orange Flagging Tape,

Car Sticker Branding & Car Decoration

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Cast Acrylic Sheet & PVC Sheet:

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Stairs LED Display Video Screen:

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Safety Sign & Safety Garments Index  Sign:

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LED Module Screen Panel/ Cabinet:

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3D Design & Exclusive Branding: 

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Super Shop Buy Shelf Display Rack Making &  Branding:

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Power Supply: 

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LED Module Light & LED Tube Light:

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Frosted Sticker for Glass & Frosted Paper:

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CNC Jali Cutting Board & PVC Jali Cutting:

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Event Management & Organizations

Event Management Service: 1.Cultural Programmer  2.Wedding Ceremony  3. Event Ceremony  4.Birthday Party 5. Fair Stall 6. In the School-College Program  7.Restaurants Event  8.Office Party  9.DJ Party  10. Hospital Event  11.House Party  12. Any Occasional  Event.

Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. It involves studying the brand, identifying its target audience, devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event.

The process of planning and coordinating the event is usually referred to as event planning and which can include budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event security, catering, coordinating with third-party vendors, and emergency plans.

The events industry now includes events of all sizes from the Olympics down to business breakfast meetings. Many industries, charitable organizations, and interest groups hold events in order to market themselves, build business relationships, raise money, or celebrate achievement.

Introduction: Ishatech Advertising Ltd is a leading name in the signage and advertising industry, specializing in a comprehensive range of high-quality signage solutions. With a strong commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction, the company has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking impactful visual communication.

Product Portfolio: Ishatech Advertising Ltd offers a diverse range of signage products that cater to various business needs. Their product lineup includes:

  1. Signboards and Billboards: Eye-catching outdoor and indoor signboards and billboards designed to effectively promote brands and messages.

  2. Neon Signs: Vibrant and attention-grabbing neon signs that add a touch of retro flair to any business.

  3. Nameplates: Customized nameplates for offices, buildings, and residential complexes, showcasing professionalism and identity.

  4. Vinyl Inkjet Frosted Glass Sticker Print: Privacy-enhancing frosted glass stickers with intricate designs, suitable for offices and commercial spaces.

  5. Car Branding: Vehicle graphics and wraps that turn ordinary cars into moving advertisements, increasing brand visibility.

  6. Letter Signage: Various letter signage options, including 3D acrylic letters and stainless steel letters, adding a touch of sophistication to any establishment.

  7. Panaflex Profile Signboard: Lightweight and durable panaflex signboards with customizable designs, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  8. Aluminium Composite Panel and PVC Sheet: Versatile materials for creating sleek and modern signboards and displays.

  9. Bell Signs and Round Signs: Unique bell-shaped and round signs that stand out and capture attention.

  10. 3D Frontlight Backlight Sidelight Lettering: Innovative lettering with different lighting effects for enhanced visibility day and night.

  11. LED Moving Display and Digital Display Screen: Dynamic digital solutions for real-time information display and advertising.

  12. Digital Billboard: High-resolution digital billboards that offer dynamic content presentation and advertising opportunities.

  13. Copper Golden Mirror Letter: Luxurious copper and golden mirror-finish letters for a premium look.

  14. Fairstalls: Customized stalls for exhibitions, trade shows, and events, ensuring brand consistency and visibility.

  15. CNC Jali Cutting: Intricate and precise CNC-cut designs for a range of applications, including architectural elements and signage.

Company Details:

Mission and Vision: Ishatech Advertising Ltd’s mission is to provide businesses with cutting-edge signage solutions that help them effectively communicate their message to the world. The company envisions becoming a global leader in innovative and impactful visual communication, setting new standards in the industry.

Conclusion: With an extensive range of products that cater to diverse advertising needs, Ishatech Advertising Ltd stands as a pioneer in the signage industry. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has solidified their reputation as a go-to partner for businesses seeking top-notch signage solutions.