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In the bustling streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, stands a beacon of innovation and excellence – ISHATECH ADVERTISING LTD. As a premier LED Signboard Manufacturer and Supplier, we have been illuminating the business landscape since our inception in 2006. LED Signboard BD: Illuminating Your Brand Presence in Bangladesh. Our business profile is on Google.

Signboard BD
Signboard BD

Crafting Brilliance: Our Range of Signage Solutions

LED Signs: Brightening Your Brand Identity

Our expertise lies in crafting LED Signs that not only illuminate but also captivate. From storefront displays to corporate office signage, we tailor solutions to suit your unique needs.

Neon Signs: Adding a Retro Glow to Modern Marketing

Transport your brand back to the vibrant energy of yesteryears with our captivating Neon Signs. Perfect for those seeking a timeless allure for their establishments.

Signboard Shop in BD
Signboard Shop in BD

Billboard Brilliance: Making Your Message Larger Than Life

In the world of advertising, size matters. Our Billboard solutions ensure your message dominates the skyline, garnering attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Innovative Illumination: LED Moving Digital Billboards

Step into the future of advertising with our LED Moving Digital Billboards. Dynamic, attention-grabbing, and highly effective—your message in motion.

Pricing Transparency: LED Signboard Price in BD

Curious about the cost of illuminating your brand? Our LED Signboard prices are as transparent as our displays. With costs ranging from BDT 2,500 to 5,000, we ensure affordability without compromising quality.

Service Coverage: Reaching Every Corner of Bangladesh

From Adabor to Sabujbagh, our service area spans the breadth of Bangladesh. Whether you’re in bustling city centers or tranquil suburbs, Ishatech Advertising Ltd. is at your service.

Contact Us: Let’s Illuminate Your Brand Together

Ready to shine a light on your brand’s success? Reach out to us at:

  • Factory Address: 11/BA SECOND COLONI Mazar Road, Mirpur-01, Dhaka-1216
  • Chittagong Office: Sabder Ali Road, Agrabad C/A, Chattogram 4000
  • Email:
  • Phone: 01844542499