Ishatech Advertising Ltd. is the best LED sign-making company in Bangladesh. Ishatech Advertising Ltd. is a renowned company in Bangladesh that specializes in digital signage. With our extensive expertise and years of experience, we excel in designing and delivering tailor-made LED screen solutions, wayfinding signage, and both indoor and outdoor signs.


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In today’s dynamic advertising landscape, LED signage has emerged as a versatile and eye-catching medium for businesses to convey their message effectively. Let’s delve into the different types of LED sign names that are revolutionizing the way brands communicate with their audience.

We are making different types of LED signs, such as:

1. LED Display Boards: LED display boards are large screens comprised of numerous LED modules, capable of showcasing dynamic content such as text, images, and videos.

2. LED Message Signs: Also known as LED message centers or electronic message boards, these signs feature programmable LED panels that display customizable messages.

3. LED Neon Signs: Combining the retro aesthetic of traditional neon signs with the energy efficiency of LED technology, LED neon signs offer a modern twist to classic signage.

4. LED Open Signs: LED open signs are a staple for storefronts, restaurants, and retail establishments to indicate when they are open for business.

5. LED Channel Letter Signs: Channel letter signs are three-dimensional letters or shapes illuminated with LEDs, commonly mounted on the exterior of buildings or storefronts.

6. LED Digital Billboards: LED digital billboards are large-scale advertising displays that use LED technology to showcase dynamic content to a wide audience.

7. LED Scrolling Signs: Similar to LED message signs, LED scrolling signs feature programmable LED panels but with the added ability to scroll horizontally or vertically.

8. LED Gas Price Signs: These signs feature large, bright numbers that are easily visible from a distance. Helping drivers make informed decisions about where to refuel.

9. LED Time and Temperature Signs: LED time and temperature signs provide valuable information to pedestrians and motorists. Displaying the current time and outdoor temperature.

10. LED Emergency Exit Signs: LED emergency exit signs are essential safety features in buildings. Guiding occupants to the nearest exit in the event of an emergency.

LED signage

From dynamic digital billboards to classic neon aesthetics. LED signage offers a wide range of options for businesses to enhance their visibility and attract customers. Whether you’re looking for a bold outdoor display or a sleek indoor accent,. LED signs can be customized to suit your brand’s unique needs and personality.