History of Bangladesh Independence Day

History of Bangladesh Independence Day

History of Bangladesh Independence Day: A Tribute to March 26th

Partition of British India (1947): The end of British colonial rule in the Indian subcontinent led to the division into two nations: India and Pakistan, with East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh) and West Pakistan being geographically separated.

History of Bangladesh Independence Day
History of Bangladesh Independence Day

Bengali Language Movement (1952)

The Bengali Language Movement emerged in 1952 as a protest against Urdu being the sole official language of Pakistan, leading to the recognition of Bengali as one of Pakistan’s national languages.

Political Unrest and Economic Disparities

The Awami League’s Six Point Movement advocated for greater autonomy for East Pakistan, but it was rejected by the ruling authorities in West Pakistan, escalating tensions. History of Bangladesh Independence Day.

1970 General Elections:

The Awami League secured a landslide victory in the 1970 general elections in East Pakistan, but the ruling authorities refused to transfer power, triggering a military crackdown.

Military Crackdown (March 1971)

Despite the electoral victory, a brutal military crackdown was launched in East Pakistan to suppress calls for independence, leading to widespread unrest.

Declaration of Independence (March 26, 1971)

In response, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared Bangladesh’s independence during. A historic speech in Dhaka, marking the beginning of the Bangladesh Liberation War.

Commemorating Independence Day

Shadhinota Dibos in Bangladesh: Independence Day, known as Shadhinota Dibos in Bengali, is observed on March 26th, celebrating. The declaration of independence from Pakistan in 1971, led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Celebration Across Bangladesh: Independence Day is celebrated with parades, speeches, concerts. And cultural events across various sectors, including schools, colleges, offices, and hospitals.

Independence Day at Bangladesh International School and College: In 2024, Bangladesh International School and College commemorated Independence Day. With a memorable celebration, honoring the sacrifices of national heroes and upholding the values of liberty and sovereignty.


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