Digital Advertising Billboard Both Side

Digital Advertising Billboard Both Side

Bangladesh Double & Single Side Outdoor Unipole Billboard Structure Advertising Agency IshaTech Company & Advertising Outdoor Unipole Steel Structure Billboard in Bangladesh. Digital Advertising Billboard Both Side.

Digital Advertising Billboard Both Side

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Three Years Service’s with Materials Warranty.
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ডিজিটাল বিলবোর্ডের বিজ্ঞাপনের হার প্রতি সেকেন্ডে/মিনিটে, ঢাকায় এবং ঢাকার বা ইরে মহাসড়কের পাশে বিলবোর্ডে বিজ্ঞাপন দিলে বছরে/৬মাসের ভাড়া কত ? বিস্তারিত জানতে চাই। ডিজিটাল মুভিং বিলবোর্ড : LED বিজ্ঞাপন ক্যারাভান ভাড়া, ডিজিটাল মুভিং বিলবোর্ডে আপনার ব্র্যান্ডের প্রচার করুন। LED বিজ্ঞাপন ক্যারাভান ভাড়া করুন এবং সারা দেশে আপনার ব্যবসার প্রচার করুন। ডিজিটাল বাণিজ্যিক বিজ্ঞাপন বহিরঙ্গন ভাড়া LED ডিসপ্লে বিলবোর্ড.

বিমানবন্দর ডিপ P10mm নেতৃত্বে ডিজিটাল বিলবোর্ড বিজ্ঞাপন, ভাড়া ইনডোর LED ডিসপ্লে বোর্ড P4 ছোট স্টেজ LED ডিজিটাল, প্যানেল ডিজিটাল সাইনেজ বিলবোর্ড জলরোধী ভিডিও প্রাচীর ভাড়া, ইনডোর ভাড়া এলইডি ডিসপ্লে ওয়াল P3.91 মিমি নেতৃত্বে ডিজিটাল, প্রোগ্রামেবল পি 4 নমনীয় এলইডি কার্টেন সম্পূর্ণ রঙের, থ্রী ডি ডিজিটাল বিলবোর্ড,

Product Features

  • LED guarantee wide viewing angle and great color uniformity
  • High definition guarantee excellent performance
  • Specially designed handle and light aluminum cabinet insure convenient installation
  • Professional lock design makes seamless connection available
  • Full serviceable from front and back
  • Idea for use at indoor locations with short & middle viewing distance 
  • Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24hrs.
  • Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer all your enquiries
  • LED Outdoor Billboard in Bangladesh:
  • Product Description:
  • standardized module and cabinet for the FO Series, including P5, P6, P8 and P10 outdoor led display. reducing the delivery time and saving the maintenance cost for the advertisers. P8 full color outdoor advertising screen, Certainly, the best option for outdoor advertising, this LED display carries some features that make it highly suitable for outdoor areas. It can work in different brightness level and outdoor circumstances. Rental led display can also be used at stage, bank, promotion, exhibition, station, KTV, stadium, airport and other outdoor places. Another Application scopes of P5 P6 P8 outdoor waterproof outdoor led display: Widely applied to traffic information distribution of station, quay and airport, conference, shopping-mall, brand presentation, TV-station, stage-show, concert and so on.
  • High IP Rating IP65- Safe and Reliable:
  • The special waterproof design of LED Screen protects it from water and dust. When installed in outdoor areas, protection is a serious matter. Special guard protects it from environment dangers. High IP Rating IP65 ensures great quality outputs in every condition.
  • Get Every Detail in Picture
  • We spend some time with every detail of the product, so that you can enjoy every detail of your marketing pictures. The pixel-perfect pictures are a treat to watch. It means, you will not miss any detail in the picture, video or text displayed on the screen.
  • Wide Viewing Angle for Broader Reach
  • The display features a wide viewing angle of 140° horizontal and 120° in vertical which reaches more viewers. The picture quality remains seamless in all direction and at a distance, presenting all viewers the same highly quality outputs. This makes it suitable for large gathering. –
  • High Gray Scale – Better Picture
  • The outdoor LED Display is manufactured by using best quality material, purchased from most reputed vendors. The final products feature supreme quality and offers best outputs. High refresh rate and gray scale ensures the picture quality remains seamless.
  • Strict Aging Test
  • All products undergo a strict aging test. The 24 hours aging test is conducted without die lamp, dim lamp, color difference and mosaic. The product is introduced in the market only if it passes the aging test, making sure the best quality is ensured for you.
  • P8 led module
  • 1. SMD3535
  • 2. Module size: 320*160mm
  • 3. Module Resolution: 40*20dots
  • 4. scan mode: 1/5 or 1/4 scan
  • Power supply
  • 1. G-energy/Rong-Electronic/MW power supplies
  • 2. Novastar/Linsn/Colorlight/Showbox control system
  • cabinet
  • 1. Waterproof iron cabinet
  • 2. size: 640mmx640mm(customization)