CNC White Color Acrylic 3D Lighting Letter Signage BD

  1. Vinyl Stickers: Vinyl stickers are versatile and durable. They can be used for various applications, including branding, labeling, and decoration. They are resistant to moisture and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. CNC White Color Acrylic 3D Lighting Letter Signage BD.
CNC White Color Acrylic 3D Lighting Letter Signage BD
CNC White Color Acrylic 3D Lighting Letter Signage BD
  1. Paper Stickers: Paper stickers are typically used for indoor applications, such as product labels, packaging, or promotional materials. They are cost-effective and come in various finishes, like matte or glossy.
  2. Transparent Stickers: Transparent stickers are made of clear material, allowing them to blend seamlessly with the surface they are applied to. They are often used for a subtle and professional look.
  3. Foil Stickers: Foil stickers are eye-catching and have a metallic sheen. They are commonly used for premium product labels and marketing materials.
  4. Embossed Stickers: Embossed stickers have a raised texture, giving them a tactile and three-dimensional quality. They are often used for decorative purposes.
  5. Holographic Stickers: Holographic stickers display shifting colors and patterns when viewed from different angles. They are popular for security and branding applications.
  6. Bumper Stickers: Bumper stickers are designed for outdoor use, particularly on vehicles. They are a common choice for expressing opinions, supporting causes, or promoting businesses.

Acrylic Letter With LED Light Signs, Signage Maker in Dhaka

  1. Wall Stickers: Wall stickers are large adhesive decals used for interior decoration. They come in various designs and can be easily applied and removed from walls without causing damage.
  2. Die-Cut Stickers: Die-cut stickers are custom-cut to specific shapes, making them ideal for unique branding and creative designs.
  3. Static Cling Stickers: Static cling stickers adhere to surfaces without using adhesive, making them easy to remove and reposition. They are commonly used for window displays and seasonal promotions.
  4. QR Code Stickers: QR code stickers contain scannable QR codes that can link to websites, product information, or promotional content when scanned with a smartphone.
  5. Security Stickers: Security stickers often have tamper-evident features and are used to protect products, documents, or assets from unauthorized access or tampering.
  6. Promotional Stickers: These stickers are designed to promote products, events, or businesses. They often include vibrant graphics and catchy slogans.
  7. Name and Address Labels: These are basic labels used for addressing envelopes, packages, or identifying personal belongings.
  8. Barcode Labels: Barcode stickers contain barcodes for efficient inventory and tracking purposes in retail, warehouses, and logistics. CNC White Color Acrylic 3D Lighting Letter Signage BD.